For this pilates studio owner, marketing is a stretch...
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Ideas for marketing a new pilates studio in Manhattan?

Trying to help a new Web client market herself. She has opened a new pilates studio and has offerings in Gyrokinesis classes and Stott pilates matwork. Her business is located in midtown Manhattan. I can help her with SEO, but I think there is much more she can do with marketing to local businesses, putting together promotions, etc. Unfortunately this kind of marketing is not my area of expertise. Do you have any words of wisdom I can share with this new entrepreneur? Thank you in advance for all your insights.
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Start with the offline basics: biz cards, flyers, connect with local businesses, simply introducing herself and letting them know she is there. Advertise locally, meaning walking distance from the studio. Focus on health food stores, gym wear shops, etc. Maybe put together advertising with them to save $.

Again, really figure out her demographic. I do not know what that is, but instinctually, I would imagine 'local' is a pretty important focal point.

Have her print out a ton of free visit coupons (if she gives classes, not for individual sessions) and leave them at every place she can. Include a signup discount on the coupon as well.
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Vaike's suggestions are great publicity and promotional ideas. For fundamental marketing strategy, the most important thing is for her to determine (or create if she doesn't have any) what her key differentiators are. In other words, why is her place different/better than the competition (of which there is a lot, I'm in mid-town). Use that to drive the branding, ie., Mary's Techno-Pilates (music) or Mary's Steamy Pilates (throw in a sauna afterwards). She must hone in on what sets her apart, get a designer to execute great branding and then promote away.
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