Nails that a magnet doesn't find...
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Ideas for picking up galvanized (aluminum?) roofing nails?

I have a large magnet to get the old nails the roofer missed on the ground. The new nails are not attracted to the magnet. Please help me avoid flat tires with your suggestions to get them picked up out of my gravel driveway.
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Do you have kids? Give them a penny per nail found.
posted by zippy at 11:23 AM on February 8, 2009

Best idea I can think* of is a powerful spotlight, to emphasize the shiny reflections of the nails. The light should be behind/beside you for best effect.

* (short of zippy's excellent idea, but can work in parallel)

Good luck.
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If there are that many, I'd call the roofer and tell him to come clean it up.
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Got a shop vac?
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A wad of duct tape, sticky-side out?
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A metal detector will pick up aluminum and brass. All that's needed is that it be conductive.
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i was going to say a rake, but a metal detector sounds even better.
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