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Anyone own one of these? MvixBOX. I'm wondering if it lived up to your expectations.
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I don't own one, and I don't know anyone who does. But I wonder what the point of spending $250 for it is. Why not just get some older computer hardware and run a bittorrent client on there?

Or, better yet, you can buy a barebones PC (something like this Shuttle [ebay link] for $200). You have to buy and/or install the hard drives separately anyway, so why not get something a hell of a lot more useful. Added bonus: you can hook it up to a TV and use it as a media server, so that you just bt your shows, then watch them right off the PC.
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One reason I like these kinds of devices is due to power usage. And the small form factor. It also doesn't require paying for Windows or learning Linux - it just runs.

With that said, I've never used this one specifically.
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Ah, power and ease seem like reasonable motivations -- forgive the derail.

It's a fairly new product, so you may not get a lot of responses here. There seems to be a community that doesn't make it clear whether it's connected to the company or not. In either case, they have a wiki page for that product. Try posting in the forum there.

Also, have you read the Amazon reviews? They might provide some insight.
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