Cardboard in Pasadena
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Where can I buy flat sheets of corrugated cardboard near Pasadena?

I'm looking to buy large sheets of corrugated cardboard (24x48 inches or bigger). I need them soon! Hopefully in or near Pasadena, CA.

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Response by poster: Large cardboard boxes would also be okay. But I'm looking for plain cardboard without graphics/text.
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I recycle my corrugated at Monrovia Recycling. I'm not the only one. I don't know if they'll sell to you, but it's worth a shot.
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Best answer: UPS stores and Mailboxes Etc. stores have corrugated cardboard in large sizes.
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You might check the art store in Old Town.
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There's a Michael's craft store on Colorado, give them a ring.

Otherwise, you might consider a UPS store and using their larger wardrobe boxes, I think they have sides larger than 24x48.
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Best answer: we have 48x96 sheets of corrugated cardboard, but we're in downtown los angeles. they are $8 each. (i can't check the inventory right now, but we don't have a lot of them in stock. we can always get more.)
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Best answer: Thanks for your help! I ended up finding exactly what I needed at Box City.
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Uline has just about every packaging item you can think of. They're focused on business needs, but they have same day delivery to the Pasadena area and all over LA if you order before about 2pm. I used to buy boxes in bulk from them for my business, and one of the items I typically ordered were massive sheets of cardboard. They have them up to about 6ft x 6ft I believe.
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