Where to Store a Suitcase in NYC?
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Checking a suitcase in New York City: is it possible? I'd like to leave my suitcase somewhere for the day. Many moons ago, I checked my bag at Grand Central Terminal, but I've heard that the luggage room was discontinued after 9/11. Does anyone know if it's back (or have other suggestions)?
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You can do it at JFK, terminal 4, but it will cost you a little fortune, between $10-40, depending on the size.
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I've heard you can store luggage at Penn Station (because Amtrak is there) but I can't confirm it.
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Are you staying at a hotel in Manhattan? Most hotels will let you leave your bag there for the day, if you will be checking in later or have just checked out.

Even if you're not, calling one of the youth hostels in town may yield some good recommendations.
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I tried to check at JFK terminal 4 in, um, early 2003 I think, but it was still closed because of 'security' - no mention of that on their website, then or now. Had to lug the bloody cases all round Manhattan for the day. So don't count on it! Hotels are a good idea.
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I think you can kind of check at hotels if you bullshit your way through it. Pretend you have checked out, or are checking in, etc...
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You can check luggage in at Amtrak only if you have an Amtrak ticket. NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road, etc. won't cut it. I tried once on a NJT ticket and it didn't work.
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I have checked luggage at Grand Central Station within the past year. Rather than leave my bag in a locker, you now must go downstairs to an obscure room off the food court and give your bag to a live person, and show a photo id. I believe there was also quite a bit of video survealance, but it was inexpensive (might have even been free) and very easy to do once I found the room.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody! I'm coming in to Grand Central, so I'll give that a try first. Good to know I won't have to lug this thing all over Manhattan for the day.
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