What should I expect to be asked about at a teacher's college interview?
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What should I expect to be asked about at a teacher's college interview?

Looking for questions other people have been asked in theirs (specifically York University if that helps). Bonus: anyone know what the odds of being accepted are if I've made it to the interview? Thanks!
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Not at all certain what you're asking (probably a missing element in the translation from a slightly different educational system). Are you asking about applying to a program to train to be a teacher, or applying to be faculty at a teacher's college?
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Response by poster: sorry - applying to be trained as a teacher!
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This is exactly the kind of question that the forums at the Chronicle of Higher Education site are for, particularly the interview process forum. Ask there, and I'm sure you'll get excellent help.
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Are you talking about the University of York in England, or York University in Canada?
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I've interviewed people for teaching jobs, and a principal who is a friend of mine told me that the most important thing is for the candidate to actually like kids. There are a surprising number of child-disliking people trying to get teaching jobs. Maybe the people interviewing you for grad school will be looking for the same thing?
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Response by poster: amelioration - i will definitely check the forums out, thanks
lotto - in canada
HeroZero - I really enjoy their company, so I hope that won't be a problem!
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Expect to be asked about your teaching philosophy, why you're committed to the education of children, how you'll help kids develop intellectually, personally, and socially in a politicized, high-stakes testing environment.

Passion for kids+passion for education+creativity+organization+flexibility+goal-orientation+indefatigability+a drive to develop as a professional+ability to motivate people=a good teacher education candidate.

Being interviewed for a teacher education program is completely different from the job interview, or at least that was what I experienced. When I applied for teaching positions, I was expected to know about curriculum development, teaching strategies, classroom management, etc. You won't be expected to know those things at this stage.
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