Is it safe to restore an iPhone unlocked with AnySIM?
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Is it safe to restore an iPhone unlocked with AnySIM?

I have an original iPhone. It is jailbroken and running 1.1.1 firmware. AnySIM was used to unlock the phone. However, I don't know exactly which version of AnySIM was used.

I want to restore the phone to factory defaults and start fresh. Ultimately I hope to upgrade it to the latest firmware available.

Is it safe to do a restore through iTunes? I have heard there could possibly be issues with this due to the unlock using AnySIM. Could a restore brick the phone?

If it matters which version of AnySIM was used, is there any way to figure that out? The AnySIM app is no longer installed.

Any insight here is appreciated. Also, once I get it fully restored, I plan to upgrade and would also be interested in info on the current tools available for upgrading/jailbreaking/unlocking/etc.

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The modem firmware is 04.01.13_G, if that makes a difference.
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No, you don't want to just do a restore in iTunes. It'll most likely be all kinds of screwed up afterwards.

Download the "virginizer" (you can find it in Installer, which should be installed on your phone as part of the initial jailbreak -- do a search for "virginizer") OR if you want something more pretty and user-friendly, an app called OneSIM (you guessed it -- from the AnySIM people) will take care of you. I've never tried OneSIM, but considering that it's from the same people, it's probably the perfect complement to AnySIM.

Once you've done that, your phone will be locked to NSAT&T again, but will still be jailbroken. At this point, you can use iTunes to update it or whatever.
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You may want to search the archives on this forum for references to virginizer and anysim, you'll learn a lot. After the upgrade, use QuickPwn from here to unlock your phone and remove the simlock again.
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