Is there an easy way to save my cell phone number?
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Are there any new cheap options for saving my cell phone number?

I know that this has been asked before, but it's been a couple of years and there might be some new options.

I just got a new job, and they're going to pay for my cell phone bill and provide me with a new phone. I have two options: port my number over and they own it after I leave, or get a work-supplied number. I've decided that I want to keep my personal number separate from the job, so I'm looking for a system where I can park/forward my current number. I'm thinking I'll just have a voice message alerting callers of the new number.

I'll be contacting my provider (T-Mobile) for options, but I wondered if anyone has experienced other possibilities.
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If you are out of contract, your best option would be to port it to a prepaid offering. AT&T's GoPhone Pay as you Go would be your best choice as it is (like T-Mobile) GSM so you can use it in any unlocked, compatible GSM phone and you can forward calls (for $0.25/minute). Last I checked, you can't go from T-Mobile postpaid to prepaid and I don't believe T-Mobile's offering allows forwarding. GoPhone also comes with voicemail, so your other idea of a recording would work. In addition, if you add a $100 card the minutes/balance doesn't expire for a year.
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In Canada I had luck getting a "snowbird plan" from Rogers... for $4/month they would save my number and keep it active... for $12 they would give me 40 minutes a month on the phone.
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You could port the number over to a reliable VoIP provider (GalaxyVoice? VoiceStick?); you can easily find a plan that won't cost you more than $5/month.
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