How can I automatically format an XML file?
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XMLFilter: I need to format an XML file nicely, with the correct indentation and so forth. Unfortunately the file is all on one line. Any suggestions for a Windows user?

I've been trying to get XML Cooktop to work, but if I open the entire file, I get a CCRYSTALTEXTVIEW error in the application, and if I cull the file down to only one record, and choose Tools > Format XML with indent attributes, it does nothing. I've tried copying from Firefox and IE, but that doesn't work neither.
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xmlindent will do the job nicely, but I'm not sure about running it on a Windows box.
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even just opening and editing an xml file with something like microsoft xmlNotepad usually results in it formatting the file for you.
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I would imagine you can get xmlindent to run under Cygwin.
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Run it through a simple XSL transformation.

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
<xsl:output method="xml"/>
<xsl:param name="indent-increment" select="' '" />

<xsl:template match="*">
<xsl:param name="indent" select="'

<xsl:value-of select="$indent"/>
<xsl:copy-of select="@*" />
<xsl:with-param name="indent"
select="concat($indent, $indent-increment)"/>
<xsl:value-of select="$indent"/>

<xsl:template match="comment()|processing-instruction()">
<xsl:copy />

<!-- WARNING: this is dangerous. Handle with care -->
<xsl:template match="text()[normalize-space(.)='']"/>


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