Setting down roots near Boston
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Resources for an experienced gardener moving to the northeast?

I learned how to garden on the West Coast and have spent the last twelve years getting pretty darn good at it here in Seattle (mild winters, damp springs, partly-cloudy summers). I know what vegetables grow year-round, what soil amendments work best, what weeds need to be obliterated on sight and which can be ignored for a while. I can coax a crop of tomatoes to fruition in even the cloudiest summer and have fresh flowers from the yard pretty much every month of the year.

Now my family is preparing to move to the Boston area. I'm sure that the gardening game is very different due to the different climate. Experienced gardeners of the northeast, where can I start learning about how to do it right "back east"?

I just learned that Sunset (producers of the epic Western Garden Book) has a Northeast Garden Book as well, so I know the first book in my new garden library. Other recommendations, from more local sources? I'm not interested so much in pretty coffee-table books--I'd like to know proven, nitty-gritty how-to and reference sources, and possibly field guides for things like pests and weeds too.

I'd also love to hear about great nurseries and public gardens in the area. Maybe garden clubs or shows to check out?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!
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Best answer: You Bet Your Garden and GardenWeb Forums
posted by mlis at 7:44 AM on February 7, 2009

Best answer: Mass Extension Service are the people you want to talk to.
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Response by poster: Thanks--these are definitely a good start. Wish me luck in the new clime!
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