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I need to buy an adapter or cable that lets me plug a normally-sized USB plug into a "mini" USB receptacle. I must be doing something wrong in my searching because I can't seem to find something that lets me do this anywhere.

Specifics: on the device (a speciality microcontroller) there is a female mini-USB port meant for connecting keyboards/mice to the device. It's the kind of port you see on blackberries or cameras. I have thousands of cables that go from that port to a male version of the "real" usb connector, but I want male mini to female big (and not the female big that looks like a square with the notch cut out.) Where can I get?
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There is a sort of "traveler's pack" available at OfficeMax or RadioShack that has a couple of each the different USB connectors (A, B, mini-A, mini-B, and that other one) as dongles you add to a very short cable, so you can "build" (snap together) your own anything to anything adapter in a hotel room or somewhere on demand. It comes in a little zippy case like a computer mini-tool set.

I'm sorry I can't find a link/image, but I have picked it up and thought about buying it many times.
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these guys seem to have what you're looking for, albeit in panel-mount on the big female end.
the magic word may be 'extension cable' i've never had any dealings with them.
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Is this what you are looking for?
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Climber, mu, yes!!! I bought Climber's because it was cheap and free shipping. Thank you all so, so, much.
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How about something like this, which has just about every type of plug or connector you might need.
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I have one of those essexjan. You use it once or twice, then it breaks. The parts are cheap. I use it as a last resort for cables.
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I recently bought a USB-A gender changer at a local electronics shop (Jaycar for the Aussies). It changes a male USB-A to a female.

Invaluable for situations like this, and good for all sorts of other stuff too... :)
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