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I'm trying to find a good atlas that shows all of the Roman Roads built throughout the Roman Empire for my pastor friend. I think there were some 53,000 miles of highway built by the Romans, and, as he is preaching through Acts and following Paul's journeys, he'd like to have a good atlas that shows the period Roman district names, cities, terrain features, and especially the roads. Do you have any idea where he might find something like that?
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I think what you want is the Barrington Atlas, but its four hundred bucks. NYRB review. Excellent website (of the atlas) which may have a lot of what your friend needs.
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I agree that Barrington would be the gold standard. An older and less expensive option still available in some used book stores would be Atlas of the Early Christian World by F. van der Meer and Christine Mohrmann, published in 1958. A couple of copies are said to be available here.
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Somewhat related, he may find the Ancient Rome layer on Google Earth interesting.
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David Rumsey's map collection has a section devoted to maps of Rome, though I don't know how much detail they show of roads.
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Response by poster: thanks...I will forward the info to him!
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