Funky N'Awlins tips?
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FreakyNewOrleansfilter: I'll be going to NOLA in March for four days. My travelling companion and I have never actually travelled together before (we usually spend all our time in his room, wink wink nudge nudge). I've gotten lots of tips/advice about lodging/activities/restaurants &etc. from previous AskMe threads, but here's the deal: I want to knock my companion's socks off with some kind of truly off-the-beaten-path, even-the-locals-don't-know-about-THIS thing.

We are freaky people. I mean that in a good way. :)

We mostly just "plan" to take it easy, wander around, discover things on our own, etc. We're both into alternative spirituality, dead things, history and such -- so I'm sure we'll find lots of interesting things dealing with the cemetaries, voodou, and the like.

We're polyamorous and into some aspects of BDSM. We're not scenesters, but it would be nice to know about any shops/clubs we should not miss.

Since this is our first trip together, I'm hoping I can "spring" something fabulous on my honey while we're there. Any tips, suggestions, advice or the like from you, hive mind? Thanks in advance!!
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I'm not sure this is exactly what you want, but the Circle Bar was always one of my favorite places in NOLA. It's the bar on Lee circle, looks like a house that's about to fall down and it doesn't really have a sign. They have good drinks and always great music but it is getting a little hipster now because the locals have found out about it.
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The locals know about it, but DO NOT MISS the hamburgers at Port of Call. I love hamburgers and have eaten them all over the country, and Port of Call is by far the best.
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The R Bar (if it's still there) has giant amazon caterpillars in formaldehyde in a jar behind the counter. Ask the bartender.

In Faubourg Marigny on Royal.
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