How do I unsquish my Google Docs spreadsheet?
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My Google spreadsheet collapsed itself in the middle somehow. How do I get it back?

Here's a screenshot showing that for some odd reason, a worksheet in Google Docs (spreadsheets) jumps from cell 20 to 200 and all my data within the hidden section is gone. I don't know how this happened but I'd like to somehow expand it to restore. How?
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First, close it and open it again. Problem still there?

If so, select across that range (say from row 19 to 202) and then resize those rows by dragging the edge of one of the labels. They should all resize to the new larger size. Then you can re-adjust as you need to.

Google SS's are kind of flaky sometimes. Too much Javascript trying to run that fancy UI all at once.
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If you don't have luck getting the data back within Google Docs itself you could try recover the data by exporting the spreadsheet to another format, then open it in either MS Office or Open Office.

Also, just to confirm, the rows aren't just hidden are they? i.e. Can't you just select both rows 20 and 201, right click and select un-hide rows?
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Did you check the revision history?
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Try this: select the two rows that have missing rows between them. In the "Format" menu, select "Row" and then "Unhide."
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Oddly, I could never actually fix this, and ended up using safari instead.
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