Underwear or none-derwear?
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No, seriously: What are the pros and cons of wearing underwear vs "going commando"?
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you don't have to wash trousers so often. the underwear soaks up shit, urine, sweat etc and protects the outer clothes. washing things wears them out. so you save money by repeatedly washing underwear instead of outerwear.

you're also less likely to "trap" yourself, in my experience.
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Um, it depends on the size of your commandos, I guess. Plus, if you're, um, not very good at 'shaking the dew off the lily', underwear prevents some social mis-steps. Specially if you're wearing wool slacks rather than denim jeans. Not that I'd know for sure, or anything.

I used to be a tighty-whitie kind of guy, just because going commando causes me to rack myself with every step. But my god-daughter, when a child, would giggle at me for wearing "panties".

Then I discovered the heaven that is boxer-briefs.
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I'm a little concerned about why your god-daughter ever saw your panties, WD.

Also, your dry cleaner will haaaaaate you.
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Underwear is usually 100% cotton, durable fabric for absorbing and handling sweat and other, ahem, fluids that would be near that area. They can handle the damage that your outer pants can't take. Of course, so do diapers, so the "need" for underwear for this purpose is a matter of personal hygene.

Basically, underwear is there to protect your sensitive areas. Unless you're into that sort of thing, I don't think coarse jean denim or metal zippers rubbing up against your genitals would be enjoyable after about 100 feet of walking.

Look at how popular thongs are for women. The only thing they really offer beyond asthetics is genital protection.
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I'm a skinny guy, so almost all jeans tend to run baggy on me. If I went commando, there'd be a breeze blowing through the forbidden valley nonstop. Which might be fun for awhile, but probably not for my fellow humans.
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I'm a little concerned about why your god-daughter ever saw your panties, WD.

Well, I was, til she was 15, essentially her father. She came into the bathroom one morning unannounced while I was shaving ... and found the sight of me in my skivvies a source of endless amusement for several years.

Until she was old enough to be embarrassed by her baby pictures. Revenge is sweet.
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