Can you recommend a Seattle-area lawyer to write my will?
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Can you recommend a lawyer in the Seattle area to write my will?

My will needs to be updated. There's nothing complicated about it, but I want to have it done by a professional (and not by me using a Nolo guide). If the lawyer was willing to do most of the planning by e-mail or the phone, that would be great. If I do have to go to the lawyer's office, one in North Seattle or Shoreline would be ideal.
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My Dad works out of Ballard and has 40 years experience with wills and estates. Here's his WSBA profile and phone number. He does use the email, though I'm not sure how much for work-related stuff, as there may be privacy/security concerns there.
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The National Academy of Elderlaw Attorney's is a good place to start (when seeking an attorney)
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... Also, make sure to get a Living Will and both a Health-Care Power of Attorney as well as a Financial Power of Attorney setup as well.
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... and one last thing... Make sure you've thought about your preferences for a "Do Not Resuscitate" situation.
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Steven Boyd of Amicus Law Group provided excellent legal services when I served as executor to an estate.
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