How do I clean these shoes?
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How can I clean vomit off leather shoes?

My friends and I had a bit too much fun over New Year's, and my Florsheims paid the price.

I now have several whitish spots on them. All solids have been removed. I want to clean the shoes without ruining them.

Any ideas?
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(following on Comrade_robot's suggestion)
... with repeated applications of polish, allowing sufficient time between for the polish to be absorbed by the leather. In warm weather, multiple appln's in one day are possible; in winter, no more than once/day; you can cheat it with hair dryers, or setting the shoes near a vent.

I had a bleach stain on my leather work shoes. Several applications of polish later, only I can find the stain. Vomit probably isn't more corrosive than bleach.
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(Full Disclosure Follow-up)

I just polished my shoes, after a few weeks of harsh winter snow/ice/salt abuse. The polish was all worn off, the bare, scraped leather visible in a few places, and the bleach spot highly visible again.

An application of shoe polish, plus an overcoat of saddle soap (for extra water protection), and the spot is invisible again.
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