What solid, unusual podcasts deserve more exposure?
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What are some good, unusual podcasts that merit the attention of a high-profile review?

I write the "Podthoughts" podcast review column for The Sound of Young America's website, and as such am equipped to endow a podcast kingmaker's imprimatur on any podcast that merits one. I'm always on the lookout for solid podcast entertainment that's off the beaten track, so I figured I'd take the question to MeFi. Any podcasts you listen to that you think merit a much wider listenership? (Note that this is NOT a guarantee that I'll review the podcast you mention — though its chances can only go up — and it especially isn't a guarantee of an positive review.)

I must, with a heavy heart, temporarily forbid the suggestion of podcasts that revolve around these things, for I have grown so very weary of them:

- Comedy
- Video games
- Comics
- Movies
- Twentysomething guys in basements

The less-known, the better.
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Heh. I came in here first and foremost to mention Jordan, Jessie, Go! but I guess you know about that one. The History of Rome is a very well-done podcast about, well, the history of ancient Rome. Each episode is just fifteen minutes, but is super informative and quite entertaining. When he -- with a straight face -- related Roman battle tactics against Carthaginian war elephants to the Rebel Alliance's approach to Imperial Walkers during the Battle of Hoth, I just about lost it.
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The TwoPlusTwo pokercast is a great one about poker (highly specialized, but very funny)

Songs By Toad is a charming one by a scottish fellow about music and his twee life.

Rcd Lbl is another good music-discovery cast by a nifty free legal downloads site.

Garage Punk: Just what it says on the label.

All the rest I listen to are associated with your website.

PS I have MeMailed you some spam, feel free to ignore it.
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The New York Review of Books podcast, which is pretty new (started last August and now appears weekly).
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There was a wonderful podcast I heard a while back that talked about scientific issues and was interesting and fun. I was getting into a "podcast" phase and listened to a great one of theirs on the scientific basis of race. As I recall, one of the speakers in the series went to a service which tried to predict his race from his DNA.

I've since left that podcast phase and lost all traces of it. I'll try to track it down for you.
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Science & the City, by the New York Academy of Sciences, is pretty fantastic. Basically, it offers interviews, lectures, and chats with very smart people involved with the sciences in a format that's accessible, digestible, and interesting no matter what your background (I'm an art/history sort of person, and I totally love it).
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losvedir is talking about the awesome Radiolab from NPR.
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P.S. Disclaimer: While I am sure that some scientists involved with the aforementioned podcast have, at one point, been "twentysomething guys in basements" who stayed cooped up in labs for days at a time, I posted my suggestion anyway, as those characters are, by no means, the focus of the series.

Just saying.
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Ah, yes, Rock Steady's got it (thanks)! And good thing, too, my searching had turned up nothing. But, yes, I recommend that one.

All right, I admit, I knew if I made that comment someone would know what I was talking about. I had been looking for it for a while....
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Using AskMe to crowdsource submissions your self-linked site is, dude, so not cool.
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Using AskMe to crowdsource submissions your self-linked site is, dude, so not cool.

I'm pretty sure the link to the column was acceptable — people might want to get a feel for the column before suggesting a podcast to be reviewed in it — but if the mods really want to strip it out, I ain't gonna bitch and moan.
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I really like Backstory with The American History Guys.
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I can't vouch for it as I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I was just listening to Scott Simpsons mentioning LSAT Logic in Everyday Life on TBTL, and it genuinely sounds interesting, as well as markedly not Several Guys Being Hilarious.

Hilariously, I was just going to list some I've found through your reviews. Thank you for introducing me to Radio Freetown!
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Sorry, I know typo followups are really annoying, but:

Scott Simpsons, even.

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Widely Ranging Interests just rocks. It's just the thing that I think most people would do with the podcast medium if they were able.
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Another musical one: the Fabric Podcast.

Unusual because it's a famous house/techno/etc DJ playing and discussing the records that first got them excited about music.
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Skeptics' Guide to The Universe - Skepticism and general science. Worth it for the "Science or Fiction" segments alone. (They must have recently redone their website, as it's a monstrosity now.)
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Fordham Conversations *love it*
Ockham's Razor (Australian)
Point of Inquiry
SALT- Seminars About Long-Term Thinking
Science Talk
Skeptoid: Critical Analysis
Stuff You Should Know
The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe *Gem of my skeptical universe!*
The Thomas Jefferson Hour
WFMT: Critical Thinking
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Free Domain Radio, an absolutely fascinating Libertarian podcast. When my daughter was young and not much for conversation, I'd put her in a sling against my chest where she could sleep and go on walks for hours listening to the above podcast.
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I Should Be Writing is one of my favorites.
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"All in the mind" is a great show on Australian radio about advance in neuropsychology and the like.
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I have been a long time fan of This American Life as well as Radio Lab
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Coverville (Previously, um, covered)

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I'll add my vote for This American Life, and I've recently really been enjoying The Moth, which is a story-telling podcast in a similar vein to TAL.
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the guy who does podrunner (and podrunner intervals) does a great music podcast, groovelectric. each mix is about an hour long.
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Book's Music features a wide variety of music (tending towards hip-hop and old R&B, but it does always run the gamut), often blending a song that someone sampled into the song that sampled it. All podcasts are exactly an hour long, with no filler other than "station identification".
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