Cat floor soap?
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Cat-sensitive wood floor cleaner?

I currently use Murphy's Oil Soap to wash my painted wood floor... do you think that is too strong of a scent for my cats? If so, do you know an alternative? I'm looking for something I can use to wash the entire floor, not spot-clean (like a special $$ enzyme cleaner). I'm hoping one of the major brands works...

Thanks for your help!
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I use Murphy's, and my cats don't seem to care one way or the other. I don't think it is too strong or unpleasant for them.
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Murphy's actually removes the finish. I use vinegar and water.
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Have cats and use Murphy's here, too. The cats don't seem to care at all.

Do your cats react in a way that makes you think they hate it? Do they run, or sneeze a lot? I've found that once the floor is rinsed and dry, it doesn't smell like anything (although I don't have as sensitive a nose as a cat, of course) - the cats don't seem to think so, anyway.
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I have a cat, and he doesn't mind the Murphy's - but I also like to use Method's Lemon Ginger floor cleaner - I don't use the one specifically for wood floors, because it seems to leave a film on the finish.
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Pretty much all commercial floor cleaners just leave a film of junk on the floor. I use hot water with a little bit of white vinegar and a shot of Ivory soap.
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Murphy's actually removes the finish.

Not exactly, and Murphy's disagrees
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A blogger with 3 cats uses Ecover Floor Soap.
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thanks for the feedback... I am still trying to crack the code that is my cat leaving little drops of pee everywhere. (See earlier post from me... talked to two vets, tried Feliway, added litter box, etc) I'll scratch this from the list... back to square one!
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I've smelled the scent that the cats occasionally leave on the floor, thus they no longer have bitching rights :-) Seriously though, my floors are cleaned with Murphy's fairly often, doesn't seem to bother the cats at all.
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The Ecover people say to not use their product on sealed wood.

Not suitable for sealed wood. Straight from the website.
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