Freeware workflow calendar? Yes, my childhood dream was to be this boring.
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Where can I find a freeware date-generating task calendar?

I have a 9-step workflow for a process that repeats every couple of months. The process always follows the same steps and same amount of time is always allocated for each step: 1 week for task A, 2 weeks for task B, 3 days for task C, and so on. What I’d like is a freeware program that syncs each step of the task with a real-time calendar and generates a schedule. Basically, once I define the number of days each task takes to finish and an end date for total completion of the project, the ideal calendar could generate due dates for each step of that task. When I worked in publishing we used a crufty in-house Access program to create production schedules, but there has to be a better alternative. I’ve looked at Google calendar but as far as I can tell, you can set a task to repeat, but you can’t generate due dates for a multi-task project. I’ve read this article but the programs that seem to come closest (like Central Desktop) have way more functions than I need and are out of my nonprofit budget ($0).

If repetitive multi-step processes were only an issue with this project, I’d just look at a calendar and generate due dates myself, but I’ve got other similar projects coming up and it sure would be nice to be able to quickly generate schedules, play with different end dates, etc. Again, budget = zero so freeware is ideal, but if you know of a professional product that gives deep discounts to nonprofits feel free to say.
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Geez WCityMike, thanks. I feel like a big bonehead but I've never really used Excel for much before.
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