Vegetarian equivalent to Bon Appétit or Gourmet Magazine?
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Is there a vegetarian equivalent to Bon Appétit or Gourmet Magazine?

My wife really enjoys reading food magazines but since we've gone mainly vegetarian, we find most of the recipes in these magazines aren't useful to us. I'm aware of Vegetarian Times and Vegetarian Journal, but the recipes seem pretty mundane and health oriented. The magazine wouldn't have to be exclusively vegetarian, but we'd something more related the way we eat. She has enjoyed Cooks Illustrated and Saveur, but again, most the those recipes are meat based. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Are you interested in any blogs or cookbooks, or just magazines?

I do find that Cooking Light usually has a good number of non-meat recipes, and while healthy, are usually incredibly tasty.
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Yotam Ottolenghi has a column in the Guardian every weekend called "The New Vegetarian". The recipes are generally really good.
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Just dead tree editions or are you open to online resources?

Sites like Epicurious allow you to tailor searches by food types and they have many thousands of recipes, culled from (among other places) the magazines you listed above. For that matter Vegetarian Times has a great deal of their recipes online and can be sorted through. Not all are mundane ;-)

And if you happen to see something interesting, on the Food Network, for example, most of those are available online too. The internet is a cooks friend.
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I'm happy to dig stuff up on the web (Epicurious is a favorite), but my wife really likes magazines would like something to replace her current subscription to Bon Appetit.
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The recipes at might be of interest.
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I went looking for something similar a few months ago. I can tell you Veg News is not the answer. From what I know, I'm not sure there is one.
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I suppose it's a matter of perspective, as I tend to find Vegetarian Times' recipes a bit too fancy/gourmet and require a bunch of special ingredients. Which is why I didn't renew and why I was about to recommend it to you.

But I do think you're ultimately going to find your answers on the internet. There aren't many vegetarian-focused print publications, and you've already been through most of them.
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A few awesome blogs - not inherently vegetarian, but probably the majority are, and if not, they're fun to read anyway:
- Orangette
- Smitten Kitchen
- Gluten-free Girl
- Wednesday Chef
- Persistant Vegetarian State
- Bread & Honey

Make sure to check their archives and link lists - I think you'll find a treasure of ideas there. Why not start your wife an RSS feader of great cooking blogs?
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I am looking for something like this too. Back in the nineties when I lived in the UK, I used to subscribe to BBC Vegetarian Good Food Magazine, which I think is exactly the type of publication you are looking for. Unfortunately, they stopped publishing it some time ago. I haven't found anything similar, and I generally look online these days. Your wife might find the BBC Good Food site interesting.
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I was given a subscription to Eating Well magazine. It's not vegetarian, but had enough veggie content that I found stuff I wanted to cook.
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