Has there ever been video game characters in a theatre play ?
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Has there ever been video game characters in a theatre play ?

I'm nearing the completion of a stageplay. The characters are... characters of video games. Not copyrighted ones, I am not that stupid.

I am wondering : has another playwright gone down that road before ? Has there been video games (italian plumbers, etc.) in a theatre play ?

There has been video games adaptation for movies but on stage ?

(english is not my mother tongue so please forgive any mistakes I may have made).
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I suppose this was actually produced for TV, and it's utterly ridiculous, but it's also very theatrical and perhaps you'll find it interesting: Mario On Ice.
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I've not seen this but I'm told We Will Rock You features characters which are websites.
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Les Freres Corbusier recently did a very loose "adaptation" of Dance Dance Revolution. It ran off-off-broadway at the (now defunct?) Ohio Theatre in SoHo.

I wrote a plot synopsis and review from the point of view of someone who has extensively played the source material, if you need to know what you're up against.
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Would the Mega Man Opera by the Protomen count?
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Take a look at the Takarazuka Review, an all-female Japanese musical theater phenomenon dating back to the early 1900's. They do some crazy musical adaptations of novels and comics and cartoons and such, and in 2009 they're producing a show based on Capcom's Phoenix Wright.

(For the life of me I thought there had been other Takarazuka productions based on video games, but a cursory search doesn't turn anything up)
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Hmm, it looks like Sega produced a limited run of a stage show based on their Sakura Taisen games (maybe that's what I was thinking of? I thought for sure I'd seen stills from a Sonic show or something. And who knew there was imitation Takarazuka?).

Also, I just noticed that the Phoenix Wright show is opening tomorrow. So there you go.
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A student adapted the story of "The Secret of Monkey Island" for use as a school play in Maryland a few years ago.

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The Secret of Monkey Island: The Play

Fixed that URL for yez.
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