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Quick & easy way to copy links within FTP

I'm trying to upload files & quickly copy the links from within FTP program. Is there an easy way to do so? The only program I've found is Rightload, however, it only lets you do so one at a time. I'd like to do so from within the FTP program. Currently using Filezilla.
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Your question doesn't make any sense. Try explaining again.
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I think I'm right in saying that you want to right-click a file and be able to copy to clipboard an http:// link pointing to that file on the ftp server e.g. I navigate to /public_html/index.html, right click it, hit 'copy URL', and paste (for instance) http://www.website.com/index.html to wherever I'm working.

Unfortunately, for Filezilla, this appears to be a feature request that has been sitting there like a lump for over 2 years with no action so it doesn't look like you'll be getting it any time soon.

FireFTP is a free graphical firefox addon that will let you do this: for each server you specify the website (in my example above, 'http://www.website.com/' and the directory path to hide from the generated URL, '/public_html/', then when on that server you get an option to generate a URL from any given file. There's a similar option in SmartFTP, which has the advantage of not being a browser add-on but the disadvantage of being rather bloated and ex-payware.
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Yes, go get to it Filezilla, this would be realllllly useful in an otherwise good program. The only freeware FTP application that can copy links like SmartFTP (that I have found) is WinSCP.
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'ncftp' Luke, use the command line.
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