Is there a way to 'frame' a YouTube video with an image?
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Can I embed a YouTube video OVER/IN an image?

I'm trying to set up a splash page where an image appears with a YouTube video over or within the image. Not next to it, not beneath it, but within the image borders.

This is the most similar site I have found in terms of the desired effect that I want. Subtract the menu options and the Flash and that's exactly what I want.

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The easiest way will probably be to use the CSS background-image attribute. Set the image as the background, then position the player where you want it using CSS.
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I'd probably include the image normally and then position the YouTube video over it using some CSS margins and relative positioning. Here's an example of a post where I put one gif on top of another that way.
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The easiest way to do that is to use a table. (Horrors!) Set the image to be the background of the table, and set up cells sizes such that the one you put the YT into is where you want it relative to the background image.

Believe it or not, CSS isn't mandatory.
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