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Need step by step instructions for a DIY Polgaroid (Holgaroid). I've seen these in stores for something like 250 to 300 bucks. Ludicrious.

A Holgaroid or Polgaroid is simply a Holga plastic camera that has a Polaroid peel away film back jammed onto it. I have a 10 dollar Holga, and I have a Fuji back I paid like 60 bucks for. I can't imagine it should be that difficult to hack my own version of this thing. I can't find any on-line instructions. Anyone done this before? Can anyone point me to directions?
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Two things.

First, have you determined that you can find the specific instant film format you need for that Fuji back in the quantities you want?

Second, your proposed modification will require that you get the actual film plane of the Fuji back to end up where the film plane of the usual roll film would be. I've seen some Holgaroid photos where whomever did the conversion ignored this, and the photos were just plain out of focus (not to be confused with the usual unique Holga look) because of that.

More power to you on this project, but I have a feeling until it's all said and done that you may end up discovering why Holgaroids cost as much as they do. Also, it looks to me like the modified Holgaroid backs are running around $149.00; not as much as the 250 to 300 you quote.

Some related info is in this thread.
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The 149 is for the back only. If you want the full package, back plus holga body, it's like 250. Or it is here in NYC anyway.

Yeah, I have the film for the back. Good point on the film plane though. This is why I was hoping for step by step from someone who may have done it.
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You may like to check out the Flickr Polaroid group. I'm pretty sure someone there has done a similar thing with an old medium format camera, or the older Polaroid roll film cameras.
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Looks like prices have gone up. I got my Holgaroid for like $99 at that photo shop just off Union Square. Not sure how to hack one together, since there's an extra framing piece that goes on the inside that I don't think would be very easy to make out of tape and/or yarn.
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oh, btw...i bought mine a few years ago.
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Yeah the only thing you would need to watch out for is the focal plane. If you can figure out how to mount it in a light tight way it'll work as long as the Polaroid is where the film would be.

I have cannibalized Holgas to make other cameras before, I like them because they are a good base to start from and easy to modify. Get or borrow a dremel, it will make life easier.
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I've got a dremel. So maybe just trial and error to make sure the film plane is lined up.
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this may be helpful:
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Also maybe helpful, DIY Pinhole Polaroid
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