Oxford–Hachette French English Dictionary Online?
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Is the Oxford–Hachette French English dictionary properly available online if you live outside of France?

My google fu is lacking. Could someone include a link to where one can subscribe to the online version of the Oxford–Hachette French–English dictionary online?

I use the Cambridge French English dictionary online but there are far too many words that they don't have listed. I would be open to a different dictionary if it really was as comprehensive as the Oxford–Hachette, which for my PC is incredible.

Also, for bonus points, is it possible to buy a version of this dictionary for the Mac?
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Oxford Reference Online has The Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary. Individual subscriptions for those in North and South America are available here for:

Monthly Payment Option - Pay only $19.95 a month
Annual Subscription - Pay $159 for 12 months
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Alternately, maybe you could buy the Windows CD-ROM version and run it in Wine/ Crossover/ Wmware/ Parallels/ etc. I prefer the freeware virtualbox for a piece of translation software I use. Generally, the computer requirements for translation are so low that this is very easy to do. Here's a guide to setting it up.
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WordReference.com will add the Concise Oxford-Hachette to their normal dictionary results for 30€ (or $45) per year. The deluxe package, which includes the Complete Oxford-Hachette, is more expensive.

In many (perhaps all) areas of the UK, free access to the Concise Oxford-Hachette can be obtained by joining the local public library, which gives access to Oxford Reference Online.
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