what does the Phelps bong say?
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What does it say on the side of the bong Michael Phelps is photographed smoking? Here's a link to a big photo. I can't tell what it says. Can you?
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Best answer: It says, as far as I can tell, "RooR," with the second 'r' being backwards.

Some googling tells me that "Roo[backwards R]" is a brand of bong.
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I was curious about this earlier, actually. At first I thought it said "pool," which would have been.. too good. Thanks for motivating me to find out what it actually was!
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Yah, it's definitely RooR

They make fantastic glass on glass pieces if you're into that.
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RooR are high end glass bongs.
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is this actually real?

Go phelps. He just went up a few rungs on the awesome ladder. Not that a few gold medals aren't worth much.
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It wasn't his bong if I recall correctly, but still, a very expensive and capable piece it is indeed.
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Some more info on deadspin and some site called ANIMAL:

"The German made, thick tubed, award winning water pipe features frosted glass diffusers instead of the more standardized rubber grommets and retails for between $120-150. Judging from the photo, it looks like the bong is from their 'Red' series that come in 3.2 mm thickness and range from 13-17 inches, except this one was custom emblazoned—for an additional charge—with a "V". For victory perhaps?"
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