Stupid Outlook! No cookie!
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VBA programmers: is there any way to control the formatting of Outlook Contacts Body text?

(The "Body", BTW, is the large "notes" section at the bottom of the Contacts form.)

My searches on internet forums have proven useless, and I even got an MS online tech support person to say it probably couldn't be done (but I've proven them wrong before, so it's not exactly like visiting the Oracle at Delphi).

Here's some ideas I've tried, and why they don't work:

mapiContacts.ContactItems(i).BodyFormat = olFormatPlain
(Turns out the BodyFormat property is only available for mail & post items, despite what it suggests under Help for ContactItems.Body).

Dim str As String
str = mapiContacts.ContactItems(i).BodyFormat

mapiContacts.ContactItems(i).BodyFormat = str
(This requires every stinking Contact to be updated, every time I run this program.)
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