What's a good program for receiving/reading XML feeds?
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XML/RSS: I'm completely ignorant here. What's a good program for receiving/reading XML feeds? (Not even sure that I want/need to do this, but I feel like trying it out. Like I said, I don't know what I'm doing.)

Google turned up a lot of stuff, but I have as much understanding of this stuff as my 80-year-old grandmother. XML.org was not kind to me either.
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On Windows XP I use SharpReader. It's easy to use and handles RSS (0.91,0.92 and 2.0) and Atom feelds and is quite quick.
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If you have a mac

News Fire

all you need
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Just use Bloglines-- it's easy to use, you don't have to install any software, and you can log in from any machine and still have your same setup.
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Thanks, I'll check them out.
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Forget that RSS is XML. It's not relevant to reading them and will just confuse your search.
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I second the Bloglines tip. I've used the site for a while now and still love it.
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I like Kinja.com, which is really easy, and if you use Firefox and go to an rss/atom enabled site, a small orange icon will show up on the bottom right of the window. Click on it and you can add the rss feed to your links bar as a "live bookmark". That's where I put the RSS feeds that I get that are actually sorta important, like workplace (a college) announcements.
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Bloglines, all the way.
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Thanks. Yeah, I use FireFox and I see that RSS icon all the time. That's what got me curious.
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I am an avid fan of NetNewsWire Lite on OS X, and have also played around with web-based Rojo.com a bit [if people are looking for invites, drop me a line or IM from profile page].
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