Bad Idea Jeans
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Bad Idea Jeans could easily be one of my favorite commercial parodies of all time. Did they exist in real life? Is the reference on the bottom of this page real?

I would love to see the actual commercial of this if it exists...
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Best answer: There's this...
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Best answer: OK, yeah, here's the one referenced in your link.

Looks like H&M used the Bad Idea Jeans thing for an advertising campaign.
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It is a parody of an old Dockers ad, which does not seem to exist in easily-findable form on the Internet.
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I thought this was also a play on the "No Excuses" jeans line.
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I just want to say that for some reason this parody quickly became an in-joke in my circle of friends, and to this day when one of us proposes a bad idea it's quickly answered with "Bad idea jeans".
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Come on... when are you going to have sex in Haiti again?
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They had those Bad Idea commercials in Sweden in the mid/late 90s somewhere (and no, they weren't banned as the title of the first youtube video suggests). There might have been a third ad as well, but I remember the two linked to by phunniemee.
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Response by poster: "You're renting right"?

Thanks again for the the help everyone!
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