Should have stuck to eating paste.
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Help name the first computer game I ever played. In preschool. Circa 1985. A few sketchy memories inside.

I think it was in color.

I think it was played on a computer whose form factor featured the disk drive situated beneath the monitor.

I know it featured canals, as in those of Venice. Waterways surrounding buildings.

I think the objective was to either situate your crocodile in the canal below a window from which a hippopotamus would jump, or maybe to avoid this happening. Maybe it was a gondola and I thought gondolas were crocodiles.

It's entirely possible that there were other stages and I just never got to them. I don't recall being too adept at the gameplay.

That's it.
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Best answer: That sounds a lot like Ducks Ahoy, which came out in 84. It was ducks you were trying to catch with your gondola boat thing, but other than that it seems pretty spot on. Screenshots in the link.
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Best answer: Sounds like Ducks Ahoy to me, had the same game and played the hell out of it.
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CBS Software, man that's obscure even for the 1980s. I wonder if it had anything to do with the CBS Network. CBS Software also did a cool game called Weather Tamers that you might like, too, but I have no idea where to get it; even doesn't have it.
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Response by poster: You. Amaze. Me.
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