Halloween Costume Ideas
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I have a Halloween party to attend on Saturday night and need a costume idea! Cheap and easy is the key!
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Did you take science in high school/college/university and have an old lab coat? Have some hair gel? Mad scientist is a quick and easy fallback costume - works particularly well if you have full-on goggles you can wear at an angle on your head, but they get a bit sweaty. I have used this one if I need something comfy and I just can't face doing the catholic school girl getup for another year.
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In my attempt to actually be something scary, I was a suicide bomber last year:

1) wrap some tubes (cookie dough, paper towel rolls, whipped cream, whatevers handy) in brown paper bags, and strap them to your chest. Write "C-4" on them.

2) get a black t-shirt, put the head-hole over your eyes and tie the sleeves in the back

3) additional accessories (headband with arabic writing, wiring for the "bombs," a detonator or timer of some sort, a copy of the Quran) are plentiful and encouraged.

4) enjoy!
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I got a fair bit of mileage out of a tinfoil hat (well, aluminum) and a shirt about aliens once.

There's always all black, stocking cap and crowbar... you're a burglar!

Or same outfit, but with Bic pens... bike thief!
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Black shirt, black trousers, flip-flops, pinned-up bit of white card under the collar in front, bottle of whiskey, Irish accent, a collection of colourful curses/blessings ('...in the name of the whiskey, and the beer, and the holy smokes' etc), and you're a Graham-Greenesque fallen priest.

Works best if you live in Mexico, and the whiskey bottle goes progressively from full to empty over the course of the evening. One of the very few times I did anything for Halloween, back when I lived in La Paz, BCS one year.
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Get a white t-shirt and write the following:
I.O.U. $5.6 Trillion
Drink lots of beer.
Start the evening as a deficit and end it as a staggering deficit!
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Favorite cheap costume ever:

$2 black and red thrift store DARE t-shirt, paired with black miniskirt, tights, and ridiculously high heels that I already had.

$2 devil horns.

And voila, you are a daredevil. If you are groaning and thinking this is the lameness, you should know I wore this to a George Clinton show a couple of Halloweens ago, and I got far more treats than tricks.
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I've always been desperate to go to one as Bart Simpson dressed as Alex the droog from A Clockwork Orange.

You will need:

One Bart Simpson Mask
One Black Marker Pen (to modify the mask's eye make-up)
White clothes
Black bowler hat

Not beyond the realms of possibility, I feel.
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In case you missed it...
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We're in luck! The Morning News covered this today.
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Wear all black. Tape a circular piece of paper with the number 8 on it to your back and a triangular piece of paper with "MY SOURCES SAY NO" on your chest. Instant Magic 8-Ball costume.
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If you already have an ipod, wear all black, blackface, and black hair dye, and affix a large piece of colored cardboard to your back. (Stolen from Mitch Mills.)
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Wear all black, and attach popcorn and candy wrappers all over yourself. You're a movie theater floor.

Or, if you would prefer to make it dirty, attach condoms and KY tubes and you can be an adult movie theater floor.
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Two years ago I went to a party dressed in medical scrubs, mask and gloves, all of which were smeared with chocolate frosting. I had a homemade nametag with "Dr. Ben Dover, Chief of Proctology" For women I think "Ann L. Exam" would be a good name.
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Color one eye black and wear the letter "P" on your chest.

Instant Black-eyed pea.

Another one is to get a disposable white coverall and some pens - a white lie. The pens are for writing your favorite white lies on the coverall.

Cheap and easy.
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Got Cauliflower?

Be a Brain Donor!
(Scroll to the bottom of the page)
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Go as your evil twin.
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In my attempt to actually be something scary, I was a suicide bomber last year:

Yeah, and be sure to ride the subway or some other public place.

Seriously, don't do this if you live in Washington, DC or you won't be attending any parties for a while.
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Take a pizza box or other large square of cardboard and cut a whole/afix it around your nexk with your head in the center. Glue a condom to the corner of the square. Put lampshade on head. Voila: you are a one night stand.
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Blue sweatshirt. Cotton balls. Tape. Go as the sky.
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I wouldn't recommend pieoverdone's suggestion unless you want to look very similar to someone else at that party who totally found that idea earlier this week.
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Speaking of blue, last night a friend at a party wore a blue wig, shirt, pants, had a telephone cord wrapped around her neck with a small rubber chicken hanging from it. She was Chicken Cordon Bleu. (Obviously: Chicken cord, on blue.)
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Holy crap, it's Sunday already! Oops.
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