Avantgarde Operatics in London
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Avantgarde London: I want to take my girlfriend out to a biggish music/sound performance/event. I want it to be avantgarde, unexpected and unique - the kind of night that would send most music lovers screaming into the distance. I am thinking maybe opera, but I know NOTHING about it. And, as I said, I want avantgarde opera in London. Where do I start?

My girlfriend is an experimental performance poet. She likes it weird. It's her birthday (soon). Can you help?
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Does it need to be opera? The Spill Festival of experimental theatre is running in April. I went to few things a couple of years ago and they were great, though some were pretty odd. Another place worth a look is the ICA.
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You can do all kinds of searches on Time Out London's website. This is what came up when I looked for modern and classical music within the next seven days. Personally, I fancy this.
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Response by poster: It doesn't have to be opera... Just experimental
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If you're searching web sites, you might have more luck if you separate "avant garde" with a space (or a hyphen: avant-garde).

Have fun! You might enjoy whatever-it-is a little more if you do a little advance preparation / reading.
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Pick up a copy, or peruse the website, of the magazine known as The Wire. Some of the music they cover/promote is pretty conventional, and some is way-way-out-there. (And if your gf likes "experiemental" music, she might appreciate a subscription as a gift now or one day)
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The Tiger Lillies? they've got a great cult following
Guillemots? known for being eccentric!
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You're in luck! English National Opera are doing John Adams's Doctor Atomic this month. There are other new works coming in spring and summer, too.
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If the Lost and Found Orchestra are doing any events you have to go, this seriously would fit the bill perfectly. Can't google at the moment but the performance before Christmas at the Royal Festival Hall was amazing.
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Response by poster: "Stephen Cornford" - that's real weird, I saw his work at the final show of his MA at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. Great to see he is doing so well! How did you find out about him?
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How did you find out about him?

I've got my finger on the pulse of contemporary UK sound art we both used to hang out on the same music related forum
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