A Good Retail/Consumer Goods Conference?
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What are some good, high-level, invitation only conferences for someone on the board of a large-cap, publicly traded company in the retail/consumer goods industry?

I've been asked to make suggestions of conferences to attend for a board member of a company in the retail industry (a large-cap, publicly traded company).

The board member is new to the company and looking to get acquainted over the next year with the big picture issues facing the industry.

I've done a lot of poking around online and come up short for the most part (I unfortunately just missed this: Retail Industry Leaders Conference). I've found plenty of low-level, broad spectrum trade shows and expos for the retail world as well as conferences for people at his level but that aren't retail-focused.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Did you check out the National Retail Federation events page? Most of their events are large scale trade shows, which may not be what you are looking for. But they do have "Leadership Conference" in Washington in May. I don't know anything about it, but it could be what you are looking for.
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Response by poster: I appreciate it, but as far as I can tell it seems to be government lobbying focused.

Not out of the question though, I'll get more information on it.

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