Emancipated Minor in Ontario, Canada
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A 16 year old seeking Emancipated Minor status. What is the legal process involved for this in Ontario, Canada?

I have a 16 year old friend ( *Jane* ) who wants to be an emancipated minor in Ontario.

Jane is clinically depressed and as of this writing, waiting for her therapy to start. She is living with uncaring parents and an emotionally abusive mother.

She is trying to get away from her parents but being a minor prevents her from doing so. What is the law in Ontario regarding minor emancipation? Would she require her parents' permission to be emancipated? Would she be reported as a runaway if she leaves home without telling anyone?... Google didn't turn up any helpful results.
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She should get in touch with the Provincial Child Advocate folk. They will not only know what her rights are but can provide some level headed advice about whether she can afford to support herself, has accommodation, etc. I suspect they get a lot of "I'm 16 and want to leave home" shout outs.
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Best answer: There are two posts at the Kids Help Phone about emancipation in Ontario. They say that you can live independently at age 16 in Ontario. And, they suggest for legal information about this, you call the Office of the Child's Advocate, at 1-800-263-2841.

You can also call the Kids Help Phone, at 1-800-6768-6868 (free, confidential, anonymous, and open 24/7).
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She can move out, she can even collect welfare if she needs it. 16 is it in Ontario.

It is a hard road but it is doable. Only the worst sort of landlord will rent her an apartment directly; suggest she look at shared houses with university students, that sort of thing.
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What kmennie and Houstonian said.

I cannot stress enough how incredibly wonderful, kind, patient, caring, and knowledgeable the people at Kids' Help Phone are. They're angels, and they will move heaven and earth to find your friend the resources she needs to be a happy and functioning person. Please, please have her call them.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the help. I'll pass on your suggestions to her.
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