Hanging a frame with two hooks?
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Hanging a frame with two hooks?

I have a frame with a hook on its right and left side. No matter what I do I can't seem to hang it straight. There must be a trick to figuring out where to put the second hook so its aligned.

I'm awful at this stuff so thank you!
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Run some lightweight wire, or a string, between them and hang it from that on a single hook in the wall? Endless adjustability that way.
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I hope this isn't too obvious, but what I would do is put a thick strip of masking tape on the wall where you think the hooks need to go, and then use a level to draw a line parallel to the floor on the tape. Measure the distance between the hooks and mark two points that distance apart on the line for your nails or screws or whatever.

Balonious Assault's idea would work great too, if you have the wire handy.
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It sounds like the purpose of the hooks on your frame is not to attach directly to something on the wall. Usually frames have two hooks on either side and a wire is attached to both, as Balonious Assault mentions, then you put one hook in the wall and the wire goes on that.
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here is a how-to from apartment therapy.
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