Superbowl agnostics: What's an ideal activity to do during the game that would otherwise be too crowded?
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Superbowl agnostics: What's an ideal activity to do during the game that would otherwise be too crowded?

I hae no interest in watching the superbowl this year. I'm trying to think of places to go on Sunday that would normally be packed with Bowl watchers any other time of the year. Sports museums, sporting goods places, bars without televisions and Costco seem like reasonable bets. Any others? I'm in the bay area if you have specific suggestions.
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I know some folks going to Tilden Park (East Bay) for this exact reason.
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Grocery shopping can be very fast during Superbowl.
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If you're like me and you hate going to the movies because of all the morons talking and using their cellphones, today might be a good day to go.
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Grocery shopping, definitely.

Also, maybe too late for this year, but... Many places that rely on volunteers will be having trouble filling the volunteer lists today. Maybe ask around and see if there's somewhere you can spend an afternoon (soup kitchen, etc.) where your help would be really appreciated.
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If you have cable, Animal Planet has an adorable little block of programming called "Puppy Bowl" -- it's basically just footage of puppies playing in a pen that's been tricked out to look like a stadium. They even have a "halftime show" -- they clear out the puppies and send in kittens for 20 minutes.

It's...strangely compelling, and kind of cute.
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For the last few years I've always done a nice long bike ride. There's very little, if any, traffic on the streets.
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We're going to Chinatown for the parade! We think we'll be able to get seats in our favorite restaurant. Wish us luck.....
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Grocery Shopping (this is what I'll be doing. Living in a college town with a big football program, anytime the team is playing is a great time to go grocery shopping).
Filming a post-apocalyptic scene in the empty streets
Eating at restaurants
Big-box store shopping
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Skiing or boarding if you do that. There's almost no one on the slopes on SuperBowl Sunday.
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We're going to IKEA this afternoon.
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I'm at work, heh.
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I'm at work also, but tonight's a pretty great night for hitting non-sports bars here in NYC.

The people out but NOT watching the game can deliver some great characters.

I don't go out all that much, because I get spoiled, going out on nights like tonight, X-mas, etc.

Ikea sounds like a damn fine idea, if you only have weekends off and have avoided it because of the horde.
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If you go grocery shopping, make sure you time it so you miss halftime. I've worked in grocery during the Super Bowl and the entire store is quiet from kickoff on, but there was a mad dash of people picking up more chips and soda at halftime, and then it died out again. Very weird to see.
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I'm going out to dinner with the family-- we've got our pick of restaurants and none of 'em will be crowded.
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Seems like it'd be a great evening to go to the gym and have your pick of the machines, without getting intimidated by being surrounded by meat heads (no offense, meat heads).
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I'm here at the office. Quiet as can be.

When I was a child growing up in south-central PA, we used to skip church on Super Bowl Sunday and drive a little over 2 hours to Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian museums. The crowds were always much smaller than they were on virtually any other Sunday during the whole year. It may be a little late for that today, but perhaps a museum visit in your area is feasible next year.

Back to work!
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The Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. The whole place is vacant.
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