Scotch Font
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Seeking help identifying the font on this Scotch Decanter Label Chain. Appears to have been done by hand because of the variations in the "c". Also, the "c" looks like a "g".
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I'm not sure, but it reminds me of the way I'd simplify Algerian if I were in a hurry and didn't have it in front of me. The C in the font is less extreme, but it does curl in have a similar serif.

Here are the names and images of some related fonts if you feel like hunting them down too. Good luck!
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You can see the similarities and differences by doing a "test drive" here at about 60 or 72 the ballpark, at least!
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I doubt it's a unique "font" per-se, but, rather, an engraver's stylized version of some standard serif letterforms. Hand engraving, in particular, tends to rely on basic letterform styles rather than unique, identifiable fonts.
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