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Trying to remember the name of a Young Adult or children's series about guardian angels.

I remember reading a few books when I was a kid (early nineties) about a girl and her guardian angels. One of them shows up as a man named "Galen" (anagram of angel). She had a collection of glass angel figurines, I believe, and may have ridden horses as well. I've googled and haven't found anything.
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Amazon turns up "Katie's Angel: Forever Angels."

From the customer reviews: "This book beggins very originaly, 13 year old Katies parents die in a car crash and she has to live with a aunt and uncel she hates.But then in the woods Katie and two friends ,meet these people whose last name is Galen (angel scrambeled up) they keap telling her that they are angels, but Katie does not belive them even thought her friends do.Then at home Katie cant stand her aunt and uncel so she runs away from home. Then she meets a girl named Lee who is very sick,So by a cab driver she gets Lee to the hospital Right next to her aunt and uncels house! Then right away she gets a doctor . In a minute right before her eyes she saw that Lee the cab driver and the doctor transformed into the angels!!! Well then at the hospital she also finds her aunt and uncel who she sees now that they are not so bad ,because they were woried. Read the next Katie book to see what hapens later."
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