Rent a Guitar in D.C., is it possible?
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I need to rent a Guitar (acousitc or electric) in Washington D.C., is it possible?

I'm in D.C. for business and have been experiencing severe withdraw from my guitars, which I had to leave at home in another state. Is there any place I can rent a guitar (acoustic or electric)?

I'm staying in a hotel by the White House but can travel on the Metro Subway fairly easily in order to pick up the rental guitar. TIA!

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Not that I'm advocating this, but Guitar Center has a very liberal return policy. A purchase can be returned because you were unhappy with the tone, as long as you get it back within 30 days.
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You're within a few blocks of The Guitar Shop, so you might try there. I know that Guitar Center is having a sale on acoustics as low as $50, too, but you'd have to google to see if there's one Metro-able.
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Almost certainly. I know nothing about DC, but I've rented guitars while in various cities around Europe. Find a musical instrument shop and ask them.
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seconding knowles...

I used to manage a Guitar Center. As long as it is in good shape and they can stick it back on the shel, you should have no problem. You have no idea how many musicians would buy an amp on their credit card Friday night, and return it Sunday morn after their gigs. Bastardly thing to do...yeah..screwed the minimum wage schmuck who sold it to him out of some commission. Understandable though, and grudgingly tolerated for the real pro players who needed a break at the time.
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The House of Musical Traditions, which is just outside DC in Takoma Park MD, and about 5 blocks from the Takoma Park Red Line Metro stop, rents guitars.
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Your responses are wonderful! I will give the places mentioned above a call tomorrow or Monday, depending on store hours... it seem like most D.C. businesses, at least around the White House, are closed on the weekend. Come to think of it, this area has been like a ghost town today! Where does everyone disappear to on the weekends in D.C.?
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I was going to suggest calling the International School of Music in Bethesda. They rent guitars to students and may rent one to you if you have a relationship with any of the National Guild of Community Schools for the Arts members. They may rent it to you even if you don't. But House of Musical Traditions looks even more promising.

When I was in business for a few months in San Francisco and couldn't bring my guitar, I picked up a McNally Strumstick which was a fun way to get some string work in without having to track down a full size guitar.
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Where does everyone disappear to on the weekends in D.C.?

While downtown does empty out, there's plenty more to the District than the area around the White House. Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Cleveland Park, the U street corridor... all tend to have things going on during the weekends.

But if you want to pretend to be a local... you gotta go to the go go (warning: terrible web design).

Seconding the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park for the rental guitar. Great store in a neat little town.
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Nightlife--yeah, that area is dead on weekend. The U Street corridor was packed at 7pm last night--head up there for the nightlife. We had dinner at Dukem (U and 9th), and there was a line out the door when we left at 8.
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