Brazilian Portuguese Books?
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Help me find some (somewhat easy to read) books in Brazilian Portuguese!

I have a relatively good grasp on grammar and vocab in Brazilian Portuguese, but I can only learn so much of the language through simple textbook sentences. What are some books that have relatively easy (elementary/middle school) reading levels that were originally written in Portuguese? Any websites with a decent selection of books in Portuguese (originally or translated from English)?
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I've picked up a few Portuguese books recently from It's basically a bookswapping site, so you'd have to give up some of your current books (not necessarily in Portuguese) to get books from the site.

My criteria are a little different than yours -- I'm looking primarily for Portuguese translations of books I've already read in English so I could focus on the words and not so much the plot, which I'm already familiar with. But I think you might still be able to find some basic Portuguese books there that will meet your needs. I've definitely seen some children's / YA books on the list if I browse by country and choose Brazil.
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How about The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? The reading level is rather easy. It was written in Brazilian Portuguese and has been translated into dozens of languages, including English.
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You could read some books by Monteiro Lobato, a prominent name in Brazilian children's literature/fairy tales.

Also, surprisingly, the terrific Brazilian bookseller Livraria Cultura ships books fairly quickly and inexpensively to the U.S. (and I assume other countries) from Brazil.
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I second the books by Coelho! You can (or could) download them online, to test them out.

Also (and maybe someone will disagree with me) I find Jose Saramago very readable in Portuguese (but want to hang myself if reading in English).

I un-recommend Machado de Assis.
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Also, you need to check out the international children's digital library. That will keep you busy for a while.
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