I want more female New Orleans bounce artists from the mid-nineties.
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Music nerds: I'm looking for more female New Orleans bounce artists from the mid-nineties. Can you help me with this very narrow field of search?

All links have copious amounts of profanity.

Around May 2008, I developed a taste for New Orleans bounce, and I've never looked back. I'm addicted. I'm looking for more artists like Magnolia Shorty and Cheeky Blakk, but things similar to a more upbeat Mia X or the Ghetto Twinz would be alright too. A good compromise would be someone like Katey Red, who is newer and actually a 'sissy rapper', or Lady Red, who is worlds away from being the grimy style that I desire but is still good and from the same time period.
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Best answer: Wow, what a niche question. Here you go:

Da Sha Ra - Bootin Up
Da Sha Ra - In Da House
and I think you'll like this performance and interview from 1992.
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