Getting to Newark from Manhattan
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Cheapest way to get to Newark airport from the city?

I have a flight out of Newark at 9pm Monday night. I'll be running around Manhattan most of that day with only a small overnight bag, so luggage isn't an issue. I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get to Newark from where ever in the city I can get to by subway. I took the Blue Van into the city, which was cheap, but I don't think they do pick-ups to take you back to the airport. I prefer something uncomplicated, meaning I don't want to have to take two trains and then two buses or anything like that, but also cheap, so no NYC cabs straight there. Something in the middle would be best. I don't know exactly where I'll be in the city when it's time for me to leave, but I'm open and can catch a train anywhere.
Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: You want the 107 NJ Transit bus out of Port Authority. Couldn't be easier. I believe it's now $4.40 each way, so be prepared for that. Essentially you take that bus to the Newark Airport surface parking area, where you then take the parking lot bus directly to your terminal. It's cake easy, faster than the train from Penn Station, and remarkably uncrowded.
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There are probably plenty of Port Authority/NJT buses that take the route, but honestly, the least hassle-free is to get on any train from Penn Station going through Newark Airport. You'd probably be leaving Manhattan at rush hour, so there are plenty of options.
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A rundown of some more options.
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If you take a NJ Transit train, make sure you get on one that stops at the airport. It's very convenient but not every train going through Newark Penn stops at the airport. If you're in lower Manhattan, I recommend PATH to Newark Penn and NJT to the airport. If you start at the WTC, it's a straight shoot to Newark Penn.

/former Jersey City resident with family in Houston who flew Continental out of Newark a lot
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Absolutely take the train on NJ Transit--takes about 20 minutes from Penn Station. You do have to switch to the (free) monorail once you get to the airport, but you might hit rush hour traffic getting out of the city by bus.

Or if you're willing to spend a bit more, call SuperShuttle.
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I always take NJ Transit from Penn Station. It's very easy... there is a specific fare on the ticket machine for trips to EWR (I think it's 12.50 one way). On the train schedule screens, every train that stops at the airport stop has a little plane next to it. Generally there is a train every 10 to 15 minutes (I've never actually consulted a schedule ahead of time). After you get on the train, make sure to keep your ticket, because this will be the same ticket that allows you the get on the monorail.

Like j1950 says, the trip is only around 20 minutes... and even during rush hour I've had no troubles other than a crowded train.
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Haven't lived in that area for quite some time, but the geography has definitely not changed much. I would agree with those who say to go rail directly to the airport. The Path gets you to Newark quick enough, but it could take an unpredictably long time to get/travel via bus those last couple miles from Newark Penn station to the airport. Ditto for bus all the way. I've never done the train right from Manhattan to Newark airport, but it's advertised to take 22-24 minutes (before doing the monorail). Depending where in Manhattan you get on the Path train, I'm quite sure it still can't get you to Newark Penn station in 22 minutes and then you still would have another leg to get to the airport.
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nysubway. It took 5 seconds to find on Google, and even has a "cheapest method" paragraph.
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the (free) monorail

The AirTrain is most definitely not free. It's $5.50 each way. The fact that you've paid for it is encoded on the magnetic stripe if you buy your ticket from the ticket window or ticket machine, but if you are running late and have to buy your ticket on the train, you will have to pay again when you get to the airport's train station.
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