Did Google break today?
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Did Google break today? Please reassure me that this is a mistake.

Can you tell me why Google is blocking me from clicking through to virtually all websites (including MetaFilter)? Try to click through to a search result and you get this malware warning. Google has been employing this feature for a while, but only attaching it to a small number of sites. Now it's everywhere. Is this a mistake that will be fixed later today?
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FWIW, this started happening to me today, too. (OSX 10.5.6, Firefox 3.0.5, Comcast Internet)
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Response by poster: I tried to find an answer from Google itself, but to no avail.
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(Thank God it's not just me!)
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Best answer: There's something wrong/broken with the Google malware detection system, apparently. The Internet Storm Center's diary report is here.
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I had the same experience today.vv(OSX 10.5.6, Firefox 3.0.5, Charter Internet)
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FWIW, it's happening to me as well.
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Holy crap. I was about to reinstall windows because I thought I fucked up something with my net settings.

Thanks for the heads up.
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HA! I wanted to ask the same question, but I would have had to have waited until tomorrow because of the question limit.

And I thought I had malware. It's good to know it's not just me.
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Looks like they've already fixed it.
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I googled for google and it told me that it may harm my computer!
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Best answer: If you use Firefox, the Redirect Remover extension skips google's malware warning interstitial page. As I have RR on by default, I saw the warning line on the google search results, but was able to click throuh without even realizing an interstitial page existed.
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Explanation from Google.
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Yes, apparently Google flagged the entire Internet as malware, albeit only temporarily.

Nice going Google!
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