Multiple Mystery Songs
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Three songs I'm looking for - various degrees of difficulty...

Song played frequently on KEXP 90.3 in Seattle in '07. A dude is going to head to his shack with his woman and smoke weed (he may have used euphemisms...damn my conceptual memory). Sure it's not "Shake the Shack Tonight" by Sid King & the Five Strings. Solo artist, I think, but could be wrong. Quite frequently played on Fridays, near rush hour. However, even my digging through the archived playlists isn't jogging my memory. I'll bet you're smarter than me & know it right off.

House-ish song from the late '80s. Most remember the samples: "Brothas and Sistas!", "I've got a question" - may be snippets of the same person, more likely separate samples. I've been told it may be tackhead. I've been told it may be "[?]screw" or "screw[?]". I know it most comes to mind when listening to "Beat Dis" by Bomb the Bass or "Hey, Poor - Jesus is Here" by Front 242. The "I've got a question" part is the most central piece of the whole search. Played in various clubs there (notably #s), heard years later in Dallas, lost the slip of paper with the details long ago.

A version of "White Rabbit", house-ish - trippier/swirlier than techno - from very early to mid '90s (I dunno, could be late '80s, too). The key here is that it was played at The Church (Goth night at Dallas's Lizard Lounge") fairly frequently, generally in a set containing "Daisy Chain 4 Satan" and "Sober".
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White Rabbit (maybe)
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Best answer: Tackhead - Reality?
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I found this White Rabbit... but not sure it's the one you're looking for.

And I know this White Rabbit probably is not the one you're looking for but I personally really dig it and if you were listening to daisy chain and sober anyway, this fits in...
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Response by poster: rhizome: maaaaaaaaaybe. I'll give it another listen in the AM to get a better feel for it. I definitely hadn't found that version yet, so it's at least another try.

evilcupcakes: !!! I swear I searched on Tackhead and came up empty-handed after listening to scads of not-the-song-but-hey-Tackhead. This is very likely precisely what I'm remembering...this or a club mix of it.

All I know is that now I can put those together with RevCo's "Attack Ships on Fire" to make my best friend from the '80s very happy.

Now, if someone knows if there's a mix that puts together "Hey, Poor [...]" and "Reality", lemme know - that might be the middle ground I'm craving. Or a song that uses both of those samples.

mr.anthony337: the 2nd one is interesting - the video's aesthetic and his cover diverging so far from the original goes to a completely different place than any other cover I've encountered so far.

The 1st...I'd checked that one out and ruled it out, but it is in my favourites, now. "White Rabbit" versions are like Pokémon for me, I'm afraid.

I'll mark answers tomorrow, as I don't want to discourage people from trying to come in and answer the "easy" song (boy, did I get those wrong!), but thank you all for helping me out so far!

now if I could just get over my horror at all of the typos and incomplete thoughts in that post...ugh.
• "there" in the second song's description = Houston.
• 1st song is Americana/rockabilly; "rush hour" = evening commute
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The "Ive got a question" track is most definitely Tackhead's "Reality".
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Response by poster: Okay, rhizome, it's not the one I'm looking for. But it's another good version for me to know about, so still helpful. The crunchy guitar was definitely not in the one I'm remembering.

I'm starting to think it was a straight remix of the actual song instead of a cover.
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Response by poster: Still interested in knowing, if anyone happens into this old thread...
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