If I could remember its title, I wouldn't be posting
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[LostWebsiteFilter] Do you remember the thesaurus-like site that suggested words related to your keyword in a beautiful, branching, interactive graph?

I used to have, buried somewhere in my bookmarks, a link to a site that was like the Baby Name Exporer, but for words.

You typed in your word, and it suggested related words in a branching diagram. You could then click any suggested word and get a tree for that, too.

It was definately flash driven, very visually appealing, and sort of a cross between a thesaurus and the Baby Name Explorer. It was great for brand brainstorming, which is what I need it for.

Can anyone provide a link?
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Best answer: Was it visualthesaurus.com? It's a pay site now (with free trials), but I think I remember that it wasn't always that way.
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Response by poster: Balonious Assault, yes! That's the site I was looking for. I think it was just called Think Map back in the day, but that's it. Thank you!

The pay thing is a bit of a bummer, so for Round Two: The Bonus Round, do MeFites know of similar sites that will allow visitors to explore words and the relationships between them in something other than a straight-up thesaurus format?
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The Princeton WordNet is, I think, the best of these.
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