Naked Nymph?
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The Naked Nymph is s'posed to be a cocktail. I went looking for the recipe, and couldn't find it. Anyone ever heard of/had a Naked Nymph? Know what's in it?
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Here's the recipe for a nymph...maybe leave off something to make it naked?
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Maybe a Naughty Nymph?
Wikia says:
The Naughty Nymph, one of the "Drunk Lady" family of drinks from Antimone, is near legendary. Its true recipe is known only to about ten bartenders in the known universe, and most bartenders will vehemently deny its existence. Supposedly, one drink of this beverage would inflame a stick and arouse the dead.

but... the Black Courtesan gives the following:

This cocktail, 'Naughty Nymph' is the 's all time favourite summer drink - especially when she is sailing the Caribbean waters.The Ebony Courtesan does not need to explain why this cocktail is so deliciously decadent too... Kathleen Glyde highly recommends that you share this cocktail with your courtesan, mistress or naughty muse. Naughty Nymph6 oz gold tequilla 6 oz gold margarita 3 oz grand Marinier 10 0z minute-made lime consentrate Salt rim of glass garnish with cherry andorange slice serve with laughter...

or maybe it's just some joke, or a regional thing, there is simply no widely known drink by that name.
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the first link is tongue-in-cheek, in the unlikely event someone didn't get it
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Were you watching General Hospital?

I was just at my auto mechanic and General Hospital was on their TV (I swear). I was only half paying attention, but I was pretty sure that Luke was referring to his preference for bartenders and not drinks.
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