Awesome guitar rock music suggestions?
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I need classic guitar rock recommendations in case I ever get a black '67 Impala!

Due to my obsession with the tv show Supernatural I have started to get into the rock music that is so dominant in the show (big departure from my usual music of indie folk and musicals.. my lastfm account didn't know what hit it). Having downloaded all the music featured in the first two seasons (100+ songs) I'm really loving it, finding it the perfect type of music to have on my ipod while at work. Basically I'm looking to expand on what Supernatural has already given me. Suggestions?

To give you a sense of type of stuff I am looking for, the songs I have especially loved and am looking for more of are:
- Renegade (Styx)
- Carry on my wayward son (Kansas)
- Hair of the dog (Nazareth)
- Stonehenge (Spinal Tap)
- 2+2= (Bob Seger)
- Wheel in the Sky (Journey)
- Bad Time (Grand Funk Railroad)
- Gasoline (The Living Daylights)
- Peace of Mind (Boston)

I seem to like the strong guitar and strong vocals....
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I might check out the soundtrack to Dazed and Confused.
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inigo2 nailed it. You especially want early ZZ Top and Deep Purple, both of which I think are on there.

Besides what's on the soundtrack, there's a ZZ Top song called "Chevrolet" which is exactly what you want. There's an even cooler cover version by a band called Stray Dog, but it's rather hard to find.
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(Get a '68. The fastback is a sweet ride.)

I play a lot of Matthew Sweet (I know, wrong period, but it's guitar power-pop) and Neil Young in my '70 Impala. (both his Crazy Horse and his folkie stuff)
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Have you ever heard the band Clutch? They've got some great, stomping hard rock (though not "classic"; they're a currently-performing band). Here, give a listen:
The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
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I would head to Deezer, Songza, iMeem, etc with the following in mind:

Rolling Stones
Deep Purple
Guns N Roses
Eric Clapton (/Cream/Derek and the Dominoes/etc)
Bruce Springsteen
Boz Scaggs
Led Zeppelin
The Who
ZZ Top
Peter Frampton
The Guess Who
Moody Blues
Pink Floyd

In no particular order. The songs you listed are pretty disparate, so it's hard to know what exactly you're looking for but that list is just what came off the top of my head when I thought of similarities to the bands you mentioned.
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The James Gang - Funk #49

Get a nice, soft steering wheel cover to protect your hands from all the drumming you'll be doing!
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Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak album
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Oh, and there's a second Dazed and Confused soundtrack too, I believe.
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How about some Bad Company and 38 Special? And more Journey. Suck it, Journey-haters.
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Deep Purple's "Highway Star" pretty much epitomizes what you're going for, I think.

In addition to the above excellent suggestions, check out some Budgie. "Never Turn Your Back On A Friend" is a good one to start with.
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Ok step aside noobs, finally an area I excel in.

I just started a classic rock DJ night so I have been putting together endless lists of obscure ballsy guitar rock. Here's the first one

You make me Wanna ~ Alice Cooper
Don Quijote de Barba y Gaban ~ Alma y Vida
Archangel Thunderbird ~ Amon Düül 2
Bad Side of the Moon ~ April Wine
Friday Night ~ Arabesque
Naturally Stoned ~ Avant-Garde
Hold Back The Water ~ Bachman-Turner Overdrive
That's The Bag I'm In ~ Back From The Grave Part 1
little bit of soul ~ Barry Blood
Lucifer ~ Bob Seger System
5-7-0-5 ~ City Boy
Really My Friend ~ Country Funk
Another Miss ~ Country Funk
Taurus ~ Dennis Coffey
Ride, Sally, Ride ~ Dennis Coffey
Sweet Talkin Woman ~ Electric Light Orchestra
You Take the Dark Out of the Night ~ Emitt Rhodes
Eye Ball ~ Epizootic
Jungle ~ Erasmus Chorum
Magic_Mountain ~ Eric Burdon and War
Nadine ~ George Thorogood
Pickin' The Blues ~ Grinderswitch
30 Days In The Hole ~ Humble Pie
Home And Away ~ Humble Pie
Sad Affair ~ Ian Gomm
Let There Be Drum ~ Incredible Bongo Band
Fru Johnsen ~ Inger Lise Rypdal
Termination ~ Iron Butterfly
poor annie ~ Iron Cross
(05) Ride The Wind.mp3 ~ James Gang
(01) Standing In The Rain.mp3 ~ James Gang
i dont have the time ~ James Gang
I´m Gonna Make Her Love Me ~ Jim Ford
Room Full of Mirrors (unreleased bootleg) ~ Jimi Hendrix
Memory Pain ~ Johnny Winter
Mean town blues ~ Johnny Winter
Roosevelt and Ira Lee ~ King Harvest
Motor Job ~ King Harvest
Cheyenne ~ Kingfish
Righteous Rocker (Hard Rock Version) ~ Larry Norman
Ya Ya ~ Lee Michaels
Who Could Want More ~ Lee Michaels
Skin It Back > ~ Little Feat
More And More ~ Little Milton
Greenwood, Mississippi ~ Little Richard
Take Me By the Hand ~ Lovecraft
We Can Fly ~ Luz y Fuerza
Ride My See-Saw ~ Moody Blues
Herbert Harper's Free Press News ~ Muddy Waters
Running Down The Highway ~ New York Rock Ensemble
Gravedigger ~ New York Rock Ensemble
Singing The Blues On Red ~ Patto
Stone Leaves ~ Pearls & Brass
Living In The Ghetto ~ Purple Image
Indiana Wants Me ~ R. Dean Taylor
Brixton Blues ~ Ram John Holder
Ain't That Lovin You Baby ~ Rod Stewart
Only Good For Conversation ~ Rodriguez
Hate Street Dialogue ~ Rodriguez
Kiss You All Over ~ Stein Ingebrigtsen
Rock Me ~ Steppenwolf
Land of 1000 Dances ~ Steve Cropper
My Dark Hour (Remastered 2003) (2003 Digital Remaster) ~ Steve Miller Band
Rag Mama Rag ~ The Band
Can't Tame Me ~ The Benders
06 - 25 Miles ~ The Elders
03 - Sissy Strut + 04 - Romp ~ The Elders
02 - Too Late To Chance ~ The Elders
01 - Looking For The Answer ~ The Elders
Let It Be Gone ~ The Grease Band
Dwoogie ~ The Grease Band
Oh My My ~ The Monkees
Kicks (Long Version) ~ The Nazz
Featherbedding Lover ~ The Nazz
Life Is Love ~ The Next Morning
There Will Never Be Another Day ~ The Pretty Things
Shambala ~ Three Dog Night
Lay Me ~ Tiger
Get It on Credit ~ Toronto
The Magician's Birthday ~ Uriah Heep
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You want the song Bad Company, from the album Bad Company by the band Bad Company.

Also Thin Lizzy. And Boston.
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I can't believe nobody's recommended T-Rex yet.
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Potomac Avenue, I love you. I have some of those songs but dude... epic. Thanks.
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Also, I have some Bad Company but I should get more. And I am absolutely going to get more Journey and Boston. Never heard of T-Rex but I'll see what I can find.
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Well since you love me here is playlist #2:

Sister Golden Hair ~ America
Dancers All ~ Aztec Two-Step
Run With The Pack ~ Bad Company
Third Floor Heaven ~ Be-Bop Deluxe, Be Bop Deluxe
Summertime Blues ~ Blue Cheer
Ride Captain Ride ~ Blues Image
Go Out And Get Her ~ Brownsville Station
Sweet Jane ~ Brownsville Station
Smokin in the boys room ~ Brownsville Station
Down To The Wire ~ Buffalo Springfield
Cherokee Dance ~ Canned Heat
White Jam ~ Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Sand ~ Clear Light
kettle ~ Colosseum
- All Skin & Bone ~ Colosseum II
Barabajagal (With Jeff Beck Group, Lesly And Madeleine) ~ Donovan
Trudi ~ Donovan
Twenty Five Miles ~ Edwin Starr
Hoochie Koochie Lady ~ Elf
Your Game ~ Ellis
Pretty Colors (Album Version) ~ Eric Burdon & War
I Just Want To Make Sweet Love To You ~ Foghat
Fire and Water ~ Free
Right Down The Line ~ Gerry Rafferty
She Flies On Strange Wings ~ Golden Earring
Aimless Lady ~ Grand Funk Railroad
motorhead ~ Hawkwind
The Power And The Glory ~ Horslips
Just Another Night ~ Ian Hunter
Don't Think Twice It's All Right ~ Jerry Reed
when your hot your hot ~ Jerry Reed
- World Without End ~ Jobriath
Turn to Stone ~ Joe Walsh
Flames (UK Compilation Version) ~ Leviathan
Sing, Sing, Sing ~ Lighthouse
Mekanik Kommandoh ~ Magma
Tired Of Trying, Bored With Living, Scared Of Dying ~ Manfred Mann
One Way Glass ~ Manfred Mann
Future/Now (LP Version) ~ MC5
Stranger In The Room ~ Michael Chapman
Bastard (AM01 Edit) ~ Mott The Hoople
All The Way From Memphis ~ mott the hoople
Pearl 'N' Roy (England) ~ Mott The Hoople
hot child in the city ~ Nick Glider
The Witch Queen Of New Orleans ~ Redbone
Apricot Brandy (LP Version) ~ Rhinoceros
Love Is All ~ Roger Glover & Butterfly Ball
Tales of Brave Ulysses ~ Rotary Connection
Working Man ~ Rush
Restless ~ Sad Café
Motorcycle Mama ~ Sailcat
Lakky Lady ~ Status Quo
Lay Down ~ Strawbs
Don't Call Us - We'll Call You (The Original Hit Single) ~ Sugarloaf
Great White Buffalo ~ Ted Nugent
Religion ~ Ten Years After
You Can't Be True (Second Version) - ~ The Golliwogs
Jug Band Music ~ The Lovin' Spoonful
Birmingham ~ The Renegades
Paper Sun ~ Traffic
Prince Kajuku ~ UFO
Unidentified Flying Object ~ UFO
Somebody Get Me A Doctor ~ Van Halen
Natiuity ~ Zolar X

Dean rules.
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"Back in Black" is the Impala's theme song, so AC/DC, of course!
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Potomac Avenue, I love you more now.

And Dean does in fact rule. I want his little rock god children so I can dress them up in leather jackets and feed them only pie.
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Also, if you have a friend with access to a copy of Rock Band 2 and a well stocked DLC library, you can 'perform' many of the songs featured in the show.

Whenever my wife starts to sing 'Carry On My Wayward Son' I always shout "Poppa Winchester, Noooo!!!!" to get her to laugh to activate overdrive.
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Hah. Right after I post that I see there's some Thin Lizzy coming to Rock Band next week!
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Also consider Tom Petty, REO Speedwagon, Billy Squier and maybe Bryan Adams.
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You've probably already seen this, but just in case you missed it, here's an episode by episode listing of all the music used in Supernatural.

I want his little rock god children so I can dress them up in leather jackets and feed them only pie.

This is pretty much my goal in life as well. We should start a club with a seekrit handshake!

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Heh... Strangely enough, I have a mix called the Black Impala Mix. Several different mixes.

Black Impala Mix
Sweet Home Alabama
All Right Now
Takin' Care of Business
La Grange
Radar Love
Hold On Loosely
Slow Ride
Mississippi Queen
Proud Mary
Black Water
Carry On My Wayward Son
Roadhouse Blues
Gimme Three Steps
Sharp Dressed Man
Black Betty (Ram Jam. Not Lead Belly or Spiderbait but those are good versions)
Shotgun Blues

Black Impala Rejects
We're an American Band
Smokin' In the Boys Room
More Than A Feeling
Feel Like Making Love
Long Cool Woman
Go Your Own Way
Don't Bring Me Down
Smoke On THe Water
Hotel California
Born to Be Wild (Cult version)
Crazy On You
Voodoo Child (SRV version)
Brown Sugar
Bad Company
Travelin' Band

Metallicar Mix
Back In Black
Iron Man
Am I Evil (Metallica version)
Sweating Bullets
Enter Sandman
Potters Field
Crazy Train
Whiplash (Metallica version)
War Pigs
Fade to Black
Return to Serenity (Testament)
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jeez, all these killer tunes and no mention of Frankenstein by Edgar Winter? you did say guitar, right? how about Foghats version of Mabeline? If you can find it. I'm probably all alone on Hocus Pocus by Focus too...
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From the Supernatural playlist on my iPod: Heart's Magic Man.

Also, this isn't classic rock, but My Chemical Romance's Welcome to the Black Parade reminds me of the show.
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