Recipe for Tres Puntas bread
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I'm looking for a recipe for a bread named 'Tres Puntas' that I had in Peru.

I've searched the web but it's probably just a generic local name. The bread was shaped into biscuit sized pieces and folded and baked with three points. It was a yeast bread with a heavy crumb, similar to a foccacia but with a great brown, crispy exterior.
Does anyone have a recipe for this bread?
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Where in Peru were you?
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Here's one recipe in spanish. With the Google translation it's a little wonky but there should be enough info for you to follow. It looks like a basic bread recipe with special shaping. The texture and crust could be due to a brick or stone oven. You might look up other AskMes for tips on getting a good crust from a home oven.

I searched "receta de pan tres puntas arequipa"

It seems that Pan Tres Puntas is specific to Arequipa based on some other sites I saw.
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Great find! ...and yes, the english version is strange.. the spanish is easier..

Muchas gracias!
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