What should we do if the superbowl gets blown out?
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What party games do you like to play during the superbowl? We're throwing a party, and I'm trying to hedge against a blowout.

We're throwing a superbowl party, and I'm looking for ways to keep things interesting in case of a 63-3 blowout. We were planning on playing the superbowl squares game; any other suggestions for fun things to do? This will be a smallish party, with twelve adults.
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Best answer: I've been to a couple superbowl parties hosted by an somewhat unconventional friend-of-a-friend (he writes for MAD magazine), and the biggest thing I remember is that they had a series of bets -- but they never bet on the actual outcome of the game. They instead bet on random tangential things like:

* An over/under on whether it would take a minute and 45 seconds for the performance of the National Anthem

* Whether the opening coin toss would be heads or tails

* Whether the word "super" (or something) would be used in any way during the introduction of the halftime show

...Stupid things like that.

Maybe trying that.

...Or, switching over to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl would be fun.
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Get a Wii, perhaps? Mario Kart, Boom Blox, Mario Party 9867, and Wii Sports that comes with it are all pretty fun....can be at least a side diversion, since I'm not sure there are any 12 player games...
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Best answer: Some kind of contest involving the commercials.

And you've probably already got this covered, but: booze. And if you or your friends are stoners or cokeheads or something, plenty of that too.
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Off the top of my head:

Apples to Apples
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Best answer: Most fun I ever had during a Super Bowl was betting on the commercials. Draw up cards with a product type (e.g., snack food, beer, automobile, movie trailer, non-alcoholic beverage), throw into a hat and draw. Everyone who draws throws a dollar into the middle, and when the commercial breaks hit, first commercial's product wins the kitty. If no one hits with the first commercial, carryover to the next break. Throw the cards back into the hat and redraw for every break, that way the guy who picks "beer" isn't cleaning up on everyone all game long.
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Oh wow, yes, Apples to Apples. Absurdly simple to learn, absurdly fun. And just plain absurd. Hilarious, great times to be had by all!
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In addition to Apple to Apples and Cranium and so forth, I'd suggest Hoopla. It's like Cranium, but with simpler, more relaxed rules, and it's super quick. It's very adaptable to any number of people too.
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Best answer: How about uber-casual fantasy football? Let each guest pick a balanced spread of player (offensive backs, wide receivers, defensive player). Allow duplicates to keep the pool deep. Make each catch/run/tackle worth one point. That way people still have a stake in the game, even if it's a blowout.
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Best answer: Superbowl Bingo is fun (particularly for money), and works well for a group that size. It has boxes like "Missed Field Goal", etc., that you check off as each event occurs.

I like it because it keeps the group focused on the football game even if it's a blowout.
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